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We are specialists in licensing with more than 30 years of experience.

If you are new to the field and need valuable information about music or other rights and clearances, think of reaching out to BZ/Rights.

Our clients include ad agencies, film & TV producers, major corporations, Broadway show producers, dance companies, authors, and production companies of all kinds.

What We Provide:

An initial free consultation, comprehensive contacts, clear explanations of what is in the Public Domain; strategic legal clearance advice, contracts, protection of your legal rights, and the skill set to get a “yes“ for your project.

BZ/Rights’ sole focus is on rights clearance and the Public Domain. We were among the first independents in the business and have worked with hundreds of clients, including Spike Lee and Ogilvy & Mather (in New York and Europe). Reach out to us to get the rights you want.



In-depth, easy-to-read articles on rights for Music, TV & Film clips, Celebrities, Photos, Art, Books, Sports, Trademarks, and the Public Domain. Print them out for your next meeting or for your boss.

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People who call BZ/Rights find our clear explanations and cost estimates the most helpful advice they have received (often after a series of unsatisfactory calls to others for information). Regular clients call us when they first get an idea. We provide the knowledge that keeps our clients ahead of the curve.

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