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The BZ/Rights Database 

For decades, BZ/Rights & Permissions, Inc. has focused on one objective – to obtain Rights Clearance/Licensing for clients at the best possible price. Our extensive database is the most comprehensive in the industry. It contains valuable information that enables you to know:

If your budget covers your project based on past history of fees charged.
What you can or can’t do with a particular property – for instance, some owners don’t allow associations with liquor, drugs, or gambling.

If a certain property is unavailable, so you don’t waste a lot of time and effort on it, or, worse, present it to a client who loves it and then can’t use it.

Alternatives that work or creative ways to get you what you want based on knowledge and experience, including what works when you have practically no time left.

Whether a song, a film, a book, or any other item is in the Public Domain.

Our database has exactly the kind of hard, accurate, specific information you need when you have a particular property in mind.

People who call BZ/Rights find our clear explanations and cost estimates to be the most helpful advice they have received (often after a series of unsatisfactory calls to others for information). Regular clients call us when they first get an idea. We provide the knowledge that keeps our clients ahead of the curve.

Take advantage of the information in the BZ/Rights database in your free initial consultation by calling (212) 924-3000.


Requests on behalf of our clients are taken seriously and responded to quickly.

We know who owns what properties and the precise person in that organization to contact, so we save you time and money.

Industry people prefer to work with BZ/Rights because we present your project in a way that makes getting a yes easy. (Industry insiders and clients’ attorneys regularly refer new projects to us.)

If a project is not going well, we can frequently reach into a higher echelon to get it back on track.

People like BZ/Rights service and staff.

We Are Your Representative and Advocate

We bring 30 years of experience to your project.

We use our know-how and our know-who to get the rights you need.

We know you’re in a hurry and we pay attention to your deadlines.


  1. By staying on top of new legal developments in the copyright/entertainment area.
  2. By supplying attorney-approved releases for your project.
  3. By having years of experience with entertainment contracts, enabling us to structure them to your advantage.
  4. By making sure you wind up with a fully executed contract for your files, and by keeping a full record of your job at our offices.



FIND the legal rights owner(s)

PROPOSE your project in a knowledgeable, positive way

SUGGEST money-saving alternatives where possible

NEGOTIATE the lowest possible fees

DELIVER a fully executed agreement

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