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Articles in depth about the rights clearance process

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Music In Advertising, Part I, Part II, Part III – a three-part, in-depth article with a checklist to help you avoid the pitfalls.

Music – using music in-house

Clearing Film & TV Clips – for advertising agencies

Clearing Film & TV Clips – for in-house/industrial uses

Celebrities – using celebrities in advertising

Privacy & Publicity – relates to use of celebrities in advertising

Photographs – one picture can hold a host of rights

Arts & Sports – beloved images, clearing fine art from da Vinci to Klee; clearing athletes, teams, logos, the Olympics

Using Print Creatively – all about using written materials

Public Domain – the best things in life can be free (our most requested article)

Multimedia – copyright Issues for the multimedia producer (electronic media)

Trademarks – they aren’t copyrighted, they’re protected

Multimedia: Piecing Together a Puzzle – our article from CD-ROM Professional magazine

While all information in these articles is believed to be correct at the time of writing, the articles are intended solely to alert readers to issues and are not intended as legal advice. Further details may be necessary for a complete understanding of the information in the articles. If you require legal advice, you should consult with a professional.

Also available, information about: They Never Renewed: Songs You Never Dreamed Were in the Public Domain (96 titles of ’50s & ’60s popular songs that charted on Billboard and are in the Public Domain because their copyrights were not properly renewed – all yours to use for free). The Mini-Encyclopedia of Public Domain Songs, 800 well-known, well-loved songs in the Public Domain due to expiration of copyright, now a classic reference book. Also available: Great Literary Works in the Public Domain,Great Children’s Literature in the Public Domain, and All Things Christmas in the Public Domain (music, stories and poems). Click here to see detailed descriptions of the books and an order form, or visit our Website to find materials about the Public Domain and see our book listings.

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