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Public Domain

Work in the PUBLIC DOMAIN  is free for anyone to use without asking
permission or paying a fee.

A lot of people know that there are valuable properties in the Public Domain – and if you can figure out which ones they are, you are free to use them in any way you want. Rewrite them – use the music – change the words – whatever you want to do. You do not need to get permission or pay anyone. Because no one owns these songs and stories.

But where is a safe, trustworthy source that can tell you what music and literature are in the Public Domain? Our subsidiary, The BZ/Rights Stuff, is now offering lists of music and literature in the Public Domain, thoroughly researched and thoroughly safe for you to use. The offerings include a new and groundbreaking book, They Never Renewed: Songs You Never Dreamed Were in the Public Domain, a listing of ’50s and ’60s songs in the Public Domain.

Here are some examples of why the Public Domain is so valuable:

What do Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Hercules all have in common? They are top – grossing Disney movies – and all of the original stories and characters are in the Public Domain!

What about the plethora of TV specials and films with titles such as Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, and Persuasion? They were all written by Jane Austen – all in the Public Domain!

Dracula, the vampire that started it all, and everybody’s favorite book, The Wizard of Oz, are in the Public Domain!

Compositions like “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” “In the Good Old Summertime,” “Ballin’ the Jack,” “A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody,” “Give My Regards to Broadway,” “Pomp and Circumstance,” “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” and “Auld Lang Syne“are in the Public Domain!

The Public Domain represents an enormous, valuable treasure for producers and educators of all kinds. But you don’t want to make a mistake about the Public Domain and cost yourself or your clients thousands of dollars in lawsuits and penalties.

So, how do you get your hands on well-known and well-loved literary properties and music in the Public Domain that you can be sure are safe? By acquiring the listings of Public Domain music and Public Domain literature that are available through our subsidiary, The BZ/Rights Stuff, Inc. The books can be in your hands overnight. The price of just one book is less than you would pay the Copyright Office to research just one song.

If you use a Public Domain song or story, you will have saved the thousands of dollars you would spend licensing a copyrighted property. Just flipping through the listings of Public Domain songs and literature might inspire you. Following is a brief description of the books. Further down, you can click on an order form that will take you to The BZ/Rights Stuff’s PayPal page where you can order these books or you can call or email directly – or (212) 924-3000.

THEY NEVER RENEWED: SONGS YOU NEVER DREAMED WERE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN is our newest title! The songs are in the Public Domain because their copyrights were never properly renewed – 96 songs from the ’50s and ’60s that made the Billboard Pop Charts. This is, we believe, a unique book — no one has ever published a list of songs that have gone into the Public Domain in the United States because their copyrights were not properly renewed. Price: Book $99. CD: $99. Book and CD: $149. The CD does not have any music on it, just the text of the book. Sheet Music available separately.

Songs that are in the Public Domain because their copyrights have expired — our classic book, listing 800 well-known, well-loved songs that you are free to use as you choose in the United States. The emphasis of this book is on popular music, although some classical titles are included. The titles range from “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and  “A Pretty Girl is Like A Melody” to “Auld Lang Syne” and the “Wedding March.” These are song titles that both adults and children know and love, songs which are usable in everything from advertisements to TV productions or educational projects. Price: Book: $99. CD: $99. Book and CD: $149. The CD does not have any music on it, just the text of the book.

This is a listing of 244 famous titles, including children’s stories, that everyone knows and loves. The listing of authors included in the book, all of whose works are in the Public Domain, opens up access to hundreds more Public Domain titles that you are free to make use of without permission and without any fee. Here are just a few of the world-famous titles in this listing: Anna Karenina, Camille, Pinocchio, The Man Without A Country, Moby-Dick, Of Human Bondage, The Return of the Native, A Room With A View, Sons and Lovers, The Swiss Family Robinson, all of Dickens, Henry James and more. Much more. Price: Book: $65

A listing of beloved children’s books and stories, containing 69 titles. The book includes such classic works as Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, Peter Pan and Tom Sawyer, to name a few. The titles in this book are included in  Great Literary Works in the Public Domain. Price: Book: $40

Christmas carols, poems and stories that are in the Public Domain. From A Christmas Carol to “Silent Night”. Contains 50 song titles, plus some stories and poems. The Christmas carols in this book are in The Mini-Encyclopedia of Public Domain Songs. Price: Book $30.00

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